Security Culture Change Training – Activate your human firewall

With cyber security a growing hot topic for New Zealand businesses, regardless of size or industry, it has never been so important to protect your business.

It is estimated that cybercrime costs the New Zealand economy around $257 million annually, and affects more than 856,000 people.

The true cost of Ransomware is in the cost of downtime, which is almost 10 times greater than the ransom the attackers demand

You may be surprised to know that nearly half of all NZ data breach incidents are caused by human error.

How do you activate your human firewall?

Our Toolkit is specifically designed to measure and change employee behaviour, and get your employees to take responsibility for security.

It’s all about minimising risk, raising awareness & improving behaviours. 

Plus, it’s easy to access, via browser or as an app for Android & iOS

Create conversation & change employee behaviour

Conversation is our catalyst for change. Enable your employees to deal with security responsibly on a human level.

Includes regular video & rich media updates

Our regularly updated materials focus on areas of compliance. The difference is, they’re engaging, short and help people retain what they’ve learnt.

Survey and measure improvement

Take real-time graphical analytics straight to the board-room. Identify risky areas of the business and produce exception reports.