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Cloud Additional Services

Cloud additional services options available. Sometimes a combination of Cloud and on-site services is the best solution for a business. CloudSource offers this solution as Cloud+

Cloud+ IT Support
Some or all of your servers are housed in our data centre. We also support any IT systems you want to keep on site.

You’ll have the same engineer for your remote and on-site services, so you’re always dealing with someone who’s familiar with your IT set-up and knows your unique business needs. Your engineer will give you a consistently high level of service across all your IT systems, including your cloud services.

We provide helpdesk, onsite support, server maintenance and whatever other IT services you need on your premises, plus the same engineers who look after your office look after your servers in the datacentre.

Cloud+ Office
We give you a War Room: a functioning office for up to twelve people, complete with PCs set up to mirror those in your own office.

If there’s a major disaster in your premises you can be back at work in the War Room within four hours. This minimises your business interruption and leaves you free to focus on recovery and continuity.  This is for businesses who are using our Virtual Server Room and as part of the on-going commitment we maintain the PCs/thin clients in a state that means we can deploy them just like your office PCs at a half day’s notice.