Short Term Housing


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Short Term Housing though Cloud Hosting

Short term housing can help when there are times when you know your IT systems are going to be disrupted but you’ll still need to access your server – for example:

  • your servers need a safe temporary home during renovations or an office relocation;
  • a server reaches the end of its lease but its replacement is delayed;
  • an old server starts to fail but needs to be nursed for a short time in order to access historic data;
  • a new business is acquired but their servers are only needed until data can be migrated to the parent company’s systems.

Our short-term Cloud Advantage solutions are designed to take the hassle out of those times, and as a result are very popular with our clients. We can either host your physical server in our data centre, or we can replicate your server on our machines.

Because these are “no term” services you’re not locked in to a contract period. If your interruption is longer or shorter than planned, there is no penalty.

Temporary Server Home
Your physical server is temporarily hosted at our data centre.

You can still connect to it and access your data from your usual locations.

You bring us the box, we put it in a rack, plug it in and set you up to access it from your desired location (office, home, etc).

Temporary Data Home
We replicate your server on our machines and give you full access to it. This means your data is temporarily stored in our data centre and you can access it as though it were still in your own office.

We come to your place and take an image of your server, then copy that image to our server farm and get you up and running with access to it