Cyber Security

With almost one in five New Zealand SME’s being targeted by a cyberattack and an average financial loss of $19,000, cybercrime is a real and serious threat.

The cost of downtime attributed to Ransomware is almost 10 times greater than the ransom the attackers demand.
What are you doing to protect your business?

With 23 years as leaders in Managed IT Services, OutSource IT can offer you peace of mind with solutions to suit your business.


OutSource IT can complete a Security Audit

Security Audit

Identify the risks and potential issues in your environment, based on industry-wide best practice.
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OutSource IT holds Security Culture Change Training

Security Culture Change Training

Activate your human firewall and protect your business from avoidable mistakes. Our Toolkit delivers a security programme that results in changes in behaviour that protect your business.
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OutSource IT can help with Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Customised cyber security solutions specifically for the needs of your business
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