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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is what most people are referring to when they talk about the Cloud. You get the full benefit of Outsource IT Cloud Advantage, giving your IT systems resilience, flexibility, better security and increased capability.

Virtual Server Room
Your business uses our servers in our data centre.

Commonly referred to as “Infrastructure as a Service” or IaaS. We allocate you space on our large, powerful servers and you access remotely using your PC, thin client or even your iPad. Once you’re connected it’s just like using your own servers at your own office.

We take care of your backups, communications, virus protection, security and system updates – while you run your business as usual, without having to worry about maintaining complicated IT hardware on your premises.

Virtual Filing Cabinet
For offsite storage of your data which needs to be accessed, archive data, data from old systems.

If your business has migrated to new software and the old systems need to still be around for occasional access we can host that. It can be anything from simple data through to entire application servers ready to be accessed when you need them. It can be online permanently or available as requested – suitable for when access requirements are very infrequent.

Virtual Web Server
An option for web hosting where you don’t want to buy and run your own web server, but traditional ISPs aren’t offering the flexibility you need.

Once you’re no longer concerned with the hardware, you can focus all your attention on the website.