Private Storage


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Private Storage

Private Storage was developed for smaller operations that don’t need full server functionality.

These options are suitable for people who need to access their files from changing locations, for example if they often work from home or need to access their files while in clients’ offices. They’re also suitable for the small flexi-office where no-one has the time or the skills to look after a server.

Personal Cloud Drive
Access your files from anywhere and work on them off-line or while connected. Your files will be synchronised and backed up whenever you’re connected – no need to carry multiple portable drives and USB sticks. It gives you all the convenience of services like DropBox or iCloud with the added benefit that your files are not stored overseas – they are right here in our Auckland data centre.

Small Office Cloud Server
Small Office Cloud Server is a “light” version of Cloud services, perfect for small operations where you don’t need a full-on server but you still want simple server functionality like file and print sharing, remote access to your files, and a reliable backup.

We install a small box at your premises which gives you file and print sharing. Your data on that synchronises with a matching device in our data centre and gives you access to it all when you are not in the office as well, it also provides a backup to your office device. If your office becomes un-accessible (fire, disaster…) you can instantly access the datacentre copy and, if necessary, physically retrieve and restore from there.