Security Audit


OutSource IT can complete a Security Audit

Peace of Mind for your business – Security Audit

The top 3 common concerns for business owners and IT managers that we have discovered are:

  • Cyber Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Backup & recovery

We offer Peace of Mind by addressing these concerns, and giving businesses insight into their own systems and vulnerabilities.

Our Security Audit includes a number of comprehensive and detailed reports, which identify risks and potential issues detected in your environment, based on industry-wide best practise for network health, performance and security.

You will get fresh and independent insight into the current network and security risks in your environment, so you can take action to minimise your risks.

Analysis includes:

  • Critical issue identification of your environment
  • Backup requirement identification
  • Active server scans
  • Workstation scans
  • Network assessment e.g. security patches, redundant domain controllers, inactive computers, insecure listening ports, potential disk space issues, asset summary, operating system summary, security group distribution
  • Security assessment e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware, local firewall, critical patches, insecure listening ports, failed logins, network vulnerabilities, system aging, supported Operating Systems
  • Network Management Plan – ranking of individual issues based upon their potential risk to the network while providing guidance on which issues to address by priority
  • Risk Report – System Protocol Leakage, Unrestricted Protocols, User Controls, Wireless network security, External Vulnerability Scan, Network Share Permissions, Domain Security Policy, Local Security Policy

We don’t just send you a report – we meet with you to discuss our findings and recommendations with you, so you get expert advice and insight.

Can you afford not to?