Backup and Business Continuity


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Backup and Business Continuity

Hot Backup
This is the option that not only backs up your data, but in the event of a system interruption it ensures your business can keep operating.

For day-to-day operation your data stays on your servers in your office and is backed up daily to our data centre. If your servers fail for any reason we are able to provide swift recovery from our Auckland data centre.

Critical Backup
An hourly off-site backup of your most important files means even in the event of equipment failure or power loss, you never lose more than 59 minutes worth of work.

For planned interruptions like office moves or server upgrades, you can cut over to, and work from, your off-site backup.

Individual Backup
An off-site backup service for home office or laptop users.

If your laptop is broken or stolen, how long would it take to get your data back?

Backup your data to our data centre and you know exactly where it is. You won’t have to wait a couple of days for your data to download from a foreign country. You can come to our Auckland data centre and collect it on a hard drive. As an extra service you can even wait while we load your files onto your new laptop.