Andrew Spicer, Managing Director, REALTECH

Andrew Spicer, Managing Director, REALTECH

REALTECH: How we became a trusted IT partner

REALTECH, a leading provider of SAP solutions to New Zealand businesses, were struggling with the reliability offered by their existing managed IT solution. They switched to OutSource IT early in 2013, and the result was an IT partnership that works to continually improve their infrastructure and save money, freeing them up to focus on their core business.
“Having a dedicated engineer has been a huge benefit. Kylie knows our business well – we see her as another member of the team, and she even comes to our work do’s!” says Andrew Spicer, Managing Director, REALTECH

Their goals
● A reliable and consistent outsourced IT service
● A more streamlined, cost effective solution
Our solution
● Onsite support – scheduled regular site visits by engineers
● Helpdesk – available to talk through and solve problems quickly
● Remote support – with a proactive approach to system performance
● IT strategy – a roadmap for improvement and budgeting
● Backup and disaster recovery – covering all bases, just incase
● Procurement – equipment advice and competitive pricing
● Cloud hosting – tailored to the business needs
The results
“OutSource IT are a partner rather than just a supplier.” says Andrew Spicer, Managing Director.

The uneventful office relocation
In December 2014, REALTECH moved to a new premises. We worked alongside them to plan the move carefully, from a technology perspective. The office move occurred over a
weekend, and the REALTECH team were unaffected by the transition.
“It was ‘business as usual’ on the Monday morning.” says Andrew Spicer.

Cloud Hosting solution
We took the office relocation opportunity to migrate REALTECH to the CloudSource datacentre. It offered great advantages, for example, they no longer needed to make space for a server room in the new office fitout. They also had a number of ageing servers which were due for replacement, so instead of spending money replacing them, we moved their services to the cloud.

“We like the fact that we can push our IT needs to somebody else who looks after them and manages them, and we don’t have to worry about what happens. It lets us focus on our core business and what we do best.” Andrew Spicer, Managing Director.

REALTECH closed everything down at 5pm on the Friday, when most people had already gone home. We spent Saturday getting everything up and running and by 8pm Saturday night everything was ticking along – working and tested. It was ‘business as usual’ on Monday morning.


REALTECH are SAP specialists. They help New Zealand businesses get the most from their SAP Solutions, particularly SAP Enterprise implementation, management, support and enhancement. As an international company, REALTECH have a strong New Zealand presence with offices based in the Auckland CBD and a team of over 25.