CloudSource IT

CloudSource IT

Since the mid-2000’s the media have been very vocal about “Cloud Computing”, trumpeting this “new” thing as apparently being the single answer to all of the business world’s IT questions. There are a myriad of faults in that view, from the very fact that Cloud isn’t new through to the final anomaly that no-one seems to really be able to agree what Cloud means.

Rather than debate the merits of many different views on Cloud we have adopted the common and simplified view that Cloud is anything that is not physically on your premises and is accessed over the internet.
Over the past two or three years the hype has gradually died down and some realistic expectations have emerged. We’ve seen some early adopters of Cloud move their businesses back out of the Cloud, we’ve seen early predictions of 50 or 60% uptake drop back to 15-20% and settle around the 30% mark (both Gartner and Cisco have been leading these estimates.) And across our clients at OutSource IT we’ve seen a demand for Cloud services that are more tailored to New Zealand-sized businesses who don’t need 24×7, don’t want their data offshore and the reliance on an international link, and who’d like a more reasonably priced solution than the larger Cloud providers are able to offer.

In short, we are responding to a demand from businesses who run during normal business hours and don’t need four nines (99.99%) up-time, and don’t want four zeroes in their monthly bill!