Offsite Backups


Why Backup?

Yes, it’s an obvious question, but it’s surprising how often the “why” of backups is overlooked!

Backups play a key part in business continuity and in preventing the loss of important data. All businesses will need to access their Backups at some point, and traditionally they would be more commonly used to restore a deleted file or for unplanned business disruptions such as power cuts, theft, or loss of internet connection.

As the world becomes connected and most business tools interact via the Internet, being able to easily restore data has become more relevant than ever.  Today one of the main reasons businesses access their Backups is due to a breech in security through viruses and ransomware. Unfortunately these events are becoming part of being in business and companies need to be prepared and have a fast way to restore files and control productivity loss

Method of Backups

There are different methods of backing up your valuable data.

Our preference is to install an agent on your server which backs up to a disk storage device at your office, that device then synchronises overnight to a similar device in our CloudSource data centre.

Depending on what we find when we have a look at your server the agent would be either Veeam or Shadow Protect, we use both and will select whichever is most appropriate to you

Why are CloudSource backups an effective option for my business?

Because we designed and custom-built our own datacentre,  we are able to offer flexible solutions to fit your requirements. We take the time to understand your business and potential productivity loss in case of a business disruption or disaster, before we recommend a solution specifically for your business.

Our Backup services were developed using market leading technology solutions and we partner with the most relevant vendors in the field.

We have two main options on offer, and we can also tailor a solution based on the frequency of backups you require. Our staff can assist you with determining these windows as well as the data retention period

POPULAR SOLUTION #1 : Overnight backup with 30 days retention 

All changes on a daily basis going back thirty days are stored locally on the client site and replicated at CloudSource each night.

In the event of a loss of hard drive or file deletions, data can be restored to the state it was any day over the past 30 days.

The backups at CloudSource are stored on a dedicated disk drive array and in the event of loss of access to the client’s data or premises this device can either be used at CloudSource to restore servers or can be taken to the client’s site and used restored there. This means no waiting on internet links to transfer data back in the event of a major loss.

POPULAR SOLUTION #2 : Overnight backup with 30 days retention PLUS monthly off-site tapes

Same as the option above, with the added benefit of monthly off-site tapes.

At the end of each month data is written to tape and stored for one year in an external secure location. Files can be restored from the offsite location as at end of month, going back up to one year.

Other Options

Want more frequent backups? Hourly, perhaps?

Want longer data retention? Up to several years?

We can also perform custom partial backups or one-off archival images.

CONTACT US  NOW and we will recommend a solution that’s right for you