Campbell Tyson: How we became part of the team

The largest Chartered Accountancy firm in Franklin District, Campbell Tyson were struggling with the responsiveness of their existing IT provider. OutSource IT engineers were able to quickly shed light on their technical IT challenges using plain English, and deliver best fit solutions.
“ The engineers who spend time on site are an integral part of the CT team… to the extent they probably should join our Social Club! ” says Tanya Gore, General Manager, Campbell Tyson

Their goals
● To engage a reliable outsourced IT service that efficiently established the best fit solution, and delivered it seamlessly

Our solution
● Onsite support – scheduled regular site visits by engineers
● Helpdesk – available to talk through and solve problems quickly
● Remote support – with a proactive approach to system performance
● IT strategy – a roadmap for improvement and budgeting
● Backup and disaster recovery – covering all bases, just incase
● Procurement – equipment advice and competitive pricing
● Cloud hosting – tailored to the business needs

The results

“While OutSource IT are ‘technical geeks’, they explain what they’re doing in plain English so it is easy for us to understand. They also don’t settle for the most obvious solution to the problem but research and fact find to ensure they give us the best solution.” Tanya Gore, General Manager, Campbell Tyson

OutSource IT was carefully selected by Campbell Tyson in 2012, after their previous IT provider failed to troubleshoot IT infrastructure problems quickly enough.

Smoothing the office move
Late 2013, after more than 30 years at their premises on the corner of Stadium Drive and Hall Street, Pukekohe, Campbell Tyson Ltd relocated to new leased premises at Wesley Street, Pukekohe.

The office move was complex because there were 55 staff, they needed to upgrade their software, change Internet Service Provider, deploy new servers, a new telephone system and it was over the Christmas and New Year holiday break. It required diligent planning.

“Everyone thought we were nuts to do it all at once. We couldn’t have asked for the project to go more smoothly! They keep us informed at all stages of the project with where they are at.” Tanya Gore, General Manager, Campbell Tyson

OutSource IT actively established relationships with all of the other providers and formed a project team to run the changes in parallel. Campbell Tyson shut their office for 3½ weeks over the holiday period, and on their first day back at work the IT system was fully functional. All staff were able to work productively with no issues. A smooth office and technology move, in one.


About Campbell Tyson
Campbell Tyson is the oldest and largest Chartered Accountancy firm in the Franklin District, and they have worked with thousands of provincial businesses, families and individuals, to help them solve immediate problems and to achieve their long-term goals.