Augen: How we moved office with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime 


Augen Software Group are an innovative technology business providing a range of software services, both in NZ and overseas, since 1993.

With strong business growth, Augen identified need to move premises in order to accommodate their growth in staff and resourcing.  Being their first office move in more than 12 years, they planned their office move carefully in conjunction with their various suppliers, including OutSource IT.

As a services company, the need for Augen to minimise downtime was crucial in order to prevent loss of productivity and revenue.  In planning the move the move of their IT infrastructure with OutSource IT, the number one goal was to ensure network connectivity and server migration in the quickest possible time.

Thankfully, Augen started their planning well in advance of the move, engaging OutSource IT from the beginning, which meant 12 weeks to prepare and plan for all contingencies.  The site engineer were able to explore options for the new server room location, and give advice on cabling, PABX, air conditioning, storage space and security. They also communicated directly with the telecommunications provider to ensure a seamless transition.

Come moving day, everything went according to plan. “The OutSource IT engineer was onsite early Saturday morning and by midday our network and servers were up and running without a hitch. We were extremely happy”, says Winston Chow, General Manager of Operations.


“We moved in on the planned date meaning the expectations set for staff, suppliers, and clients were met successfully. A big tick in the box. Productivity was maintained and Staff satisfaction was at an all-time high as they could enjoy the new office and still get on with their work without the worry of network issues.”

Augen were able to utilise the extensive experience and skills of the OutSource IT engineers to assist with the smooth execution of the moving plan. “The engineers were experienced and had many lessons learnt from previous migrations. Without that experience, I dare say that the move would not have gone as smoothly as what it did.”

“We rate OutSource IT 10 out of 10 for commitment. During the process, we had two engineers cross pollinate information so we were not all reliant on one person. With advanced notice, they were able to reserve the time to give full attention to the week before and after the move. This gave me much confidence that support was available when needed.”

Winston Chow shares his learning and advice with other businesses planning an office move:

“Bringing in the engineer early into the piece to help put together a network topology, or project plan or access to key suppliers like the Telco’s or PABX service providers, made things so much easier for the days leading up to the move. Communication is essential. Set expectations early on who is responsible for what, and ensure regular catch-ups are held, with more frequent meetings leading up to the move. There will always be constant changes to the plan and everyone needs to be on the same page!”

Augen are now located in a vibrant modern office in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, with facilities that support their innovative culture and commitment to continuous improvement. Both staff (“Augeneers”)  and clients are benefiting from the move to new premises, which will allow the business to continue with their strong growth plans, both locally and internationally.